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API: 2021 Virtual Workshop

Hurricane Season Offshore Energy Preparedness and Response

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2021 Hurricane Season Offshore Energy Preparedness and Response Virtual Workshop


Hosted by API


April 26, 2021

The American Petroleum Institute (API), Offshore Operators Committee (OOC), International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) and Center for Offshore Safety (COS) will hold a Virtual Workshop regarding 2021 Hurricane Season Offshore Energy Preparedness and Response from April 26-April 30. The current agenda includes sessions on April 26, 28, and 30.

The workshop will cover lessons learned from the 2020 season, impacts from COVID, future expectations, information sharing, and development of contacts among government and industry for the 2021 hurricane season.

  • 1:10 PM Forecasting Speakers from the National Hurricane Center, StormGeo and DTN

Registration Information:

The workshop is open to invited government and industry personnel only. Follow this link to register for the workshop. Meeting link details will be sent the day before and the day of each session.

Webinar speaker
DonShelly 250circle

Don Shelly
Head of Oil & Gas, North America

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