Sea Ocean Watch


OceanWatch is a comprehensive service that involves active data gathering and Metocean monitoring through the use of instrumentation in the field.

OceanWatch is a comprehensive service that involves active data gathering and Metocean monitoring through the use of instrumentation in the field.

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key benefits

Industry Knowledge

We are qualified to provide support throughout a development’s life-cycle, from planning to decommissioning.

Ease of Mind

We take care of the project execution, delivering on time and within budget.

Global 24/7 Support

Our team is available 24/7 with expert assistance and emergency support.

StormGeo's OceanWatch

A typical system may be designed to monitor specific meteorological parameters, as well as current and waves. However, there may be other parameters of interest that could be monitored, such as salinity, turbidity, solar intensity, and chlorophyll.

StormGeo engages with you to develop a suitable solution that meets objectives and budget. While each design is unique, we use proven and trustworthy components to assure quality and data delivery as promised.

Details and Specifications

Engineering, managing and executing an OceanWatch project can be complex, challenging, expensive, and risky. Many moving parts must come together on schedule and perform to expectations. For instance, it may be necessary, depending on the project requirements, to source hardware, transport the hardware, deal with importation/duties, charter a vessel, coordinate field service personnel, and provide HSE and quality assurance.

To meet these challenges, StormGeo has developed relationships with preferred providers of hardware, who have a proven track record of integrating equipment into measurement platforms and deploying them.

Our role is to:

  • Consult with you to understand objectives and develop a fit-for-purpose solution
  • Develop project specifications and HSSE plans
  • Engage third-party partners for hardware and field tasks
  • Provide overall project management
  • Provide quality assurance and quality control of project and data deliverables
  • Deliver on time and within budget.

Instrumented data-gathering

OceanWatch provides instrumented data-gathering solutions to characterize locations, improve forecasting, and provide operational support. From simple meteorological stations to complex deepwater moorings, StormGeo’s OceanWatch can develop solutions to meet your measurement objectives and budget. We provide turnkey solutions that not only include the system design, installation, and commissioning, but also the data management and web portal display.

OceanWatch Features:

  • Site survey
  • Equipment specification and provision
  • System integration
  • Installation/deployment
  • Continuous QA/QC
  • Near real-time data delivery
  • Data-driven reports, web portal, and data services
  • Periodic maintenance programs
  • Decommissioning
Metocean systems

OceanWatch systems include:

  • Metocean buoys
  • Seafloor moorings
  • Mid-water column monitoring
  • Platform-mounted meteorological stations
  • Land-based meteorological stations
  • Platform-mounted current meters
  • Ocean transects