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Oil Industry Reminded of Hurricane Season

May 5, 2016

StormGeo at Offshore Technology Conference, Houston, TX

For decades, StormGeo has been an active exhibitor at the Annual Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, TX. The StormGeo Houston operation has a strong presence at this show as a private weather forecasting and business decision guidance firm for several major oil and gas companies.

Despite market conditions and reduced traffic at the show, StormGeo found several ways to reach attendees and raise awareness for its offshore services, including OceanWatch, SpillWatch, and Response Forecasting.

During the show, StormGeo Marketing Manager Mallory Garber caught up with the Houston Chronicle about StormGeo, the offshore industry, and the upcoming hurricane season. A copy of the reporter's article can be found below, with a link to the original source here.

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Reporters' notebook: Industry in a perfect storm is reminded of hurricane season

Houston Chronicle
May 4, 2016

If it's not one thing …

If stubbornly low oil prices aren't creating enough anxiety for the offshore drilling industry, the Norwegian company StormGeo was at the Offshore Technology Conference to remind companies of one more thing to worry about: hurricanes.

Hurricane season kicks off on June 1 with the potential to further disrupt offshore rigs and platforms. StormGeo, a weather forecasting company with offices in the Houston, New York, Miami and San Francisco areas, was offering its services to help companies prepare for natural disasters. The biggest issues often are keeping the offshore crews safe and the oil platforms protected, [StormGeo] spokeswoman Mallory Garber said.

"You can't stop a hurricane from coming, but you can do everything possible in advance to prepare," she said.

StormGeo is launching online seminars for the first time this month and is offering a new "spill watch" product to help energy companies track the likely movement of their oil spills in the event they occur, Garber said.

StormGeo has other clients, such as the Texas Medical Center, which it helps prepare for storms and floods that Houston is all too familiar with.