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Weather Forecasting

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The StormGeo Vortex Portal for Offshore Oil & Gas

StormGeo's Offshore Oil & Gas solutions provide high-quality meteorological services to all stages of the value chain; from planning, exploration and field development to production and decommissioning. With critical decision support, we empower our clients to manage any potential weather risks with confidence at every level of their operations.


Weather Forecasting Key Benefits

High Quality Global Forecasts

With 8 operations centres located globally, receive accurate and site-specific forecasts, MetOcean data, and statistics to make informed decisions about day to day operations, shipping and aircraft movements, and construction or maintenance work.

Weather Window Optimization

With effective forecasting, you're alerted to weather windows that reduce time and costs throughout the entirety of your offshore project.

Decades of Experience

For more than 30 years, StormGeo has provided offshore Oil & Gas customers weather forecasting and decision support services they can trust, helping to ensure safety and efficiency. 

24/7 Dedicated Meteorologist

StormGeo's meteorologists are always available—via telephone, email or even on-site by assignment. For on-site assignments, a StormGeo forecaster with the required offshore certificates will follow your operations over an extended period of time. By working on board your vessel or installation, they can provide expert, immediate decision support on operational windows to increase efficiency wherever necessary.


Certified Offshore Meteorologists

Many of StormGeo’s meteorologists hold offshore certificates and combined, have more than 2,000 days of on-site offshore experience assisting weather-sensitive operations. Having a forecaster on board reduces the alpha factor for your operation—increasing the chance of finding a suitable weather window and saving you valuable time and money.

Immediate Assistance in an Emergency Situation

In an emergency, such as an oil spill or severe weather that may cause damage or disruption, StormGeo forecasters and researchers can be made immediately available to assist and provide expertise.