The Changfang & Xidao Projects choose StormGeo for Weather Forecasting Services

The Changfang & Xidao Offshore Wind Projects, developed by Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP), have selected StormGeo as the provider of weather forecasting services for their offshore wind farms in Taiwan.


StormGeo will be providing dedicated Metocean forecasting and typhoon warning services for the two-year installation phase and the first three years of operations. The Changfang & Xidao Projects’ Management, having experience with StormGeo from previous projects in Europe, said about their choice of StormGeo.

“StormGeo was selected for our Changfang & Xidao Projects based on their excellent performance on previous offshore wind projects and their market-leading presence in Taiwan,” said Ryan Colbeck, Senior Project Manager for Changfang & Xidao. “Together we will be able to not only provide essential accurate Metocean forecasting to our project team and suppliers but also build further on an already strong local model, ensuring future projects benefit further still from the actual conditions recorded on our project.”

According to Søren Andersen, StormGeo CEO, "We are delighted that Changfang & Xidao Projects, backed by one of the most experienced and ambitions developers of offshore wind globally, have chosen StormGeo for their first offshore wind projects in Taiwan. StormGeo is already an experienced provider of weather services in Taiwan, and this project will further strengthen our position in the region. We look forward to the cooperation."

Services will begin mid-January in support of cable laying activities nearshore. Forecasting will be delivered from StormGeo’s regional weather center in Dubai, UAE, and typhoon warnings delivered by StormGeo tropical forecasting center in Houston, Texas.

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