Weather and vessel management to Seagreen Offshore Wind Farm

Vissim and StormGeo partner to provide weather and vessel management to Seagreen Offshore Wind Farm

StormGeo, a global supplier of weather forecast services, and Vissim, a supplier and technical innovator in maritime operations, are together supporting Seagreen Offshore Wind Project by providing vessel management and weather forecasting services.



The wind farm is a joint venture between SSE Renewables and Total and is currently under construction in the Scottish North Sea with expected completion date of early 2023.

SSE Renewables is leading the development and construction of the joint venture project, supported by Total, and will operate Seagreen upon completion.

In the collaboration between StormGeo and Vissim, live, on-site measurement data from Vissim’s wave devices is sent to StormGeo, which then creates live weather forecasts for Vissim’s vessel management system. These forecasts are also funneled into the metocean forecasting feature within the StormGeo portal.

Nicholas Dent, Managing Director for Global Wind at Vissim, said, “Vissim has previously worked with StormGeo to deliver working weather predictions across the Offshore Energy sector. We’ve again selected StormGeo as part of our turnkey delivery to the Seagreen Offshore Wind project.”

Dent continues, “This collaboration enables us to present live, forecasted weather data in a clear and actionable format within Vissim’s Next Generation operational overview. StormGeo’s services are an important component in our delivery of consistent, real-time decision support in both construction and operation. Together with planning and analysis tools, real-time decision support underpins Vissim’s mission to provide clients with mastery of the Offshore Wind environment.”

The APIs developed for this data sharing are generic and can be used for a wide range of applications. StormGeo VP of Offshore, Hogne Folkestad, said: “StormGeo’s flexible weather APIs make it possible for our clients to access weather information from StormGeo not only through our own, comprehensive portal, but also through the tools of our partners. Working with companies like Vissim helps unlock the complete value of accurate weather information to benefit our clients in offshore wind.”

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