Construction and Installation offshore wind
February 19, 2021

Construction and installation for offshore wind

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Business Network for Offshore Wind: Foundation 2 Blade industry training




February 19, 2021

Anna Hilden

Join StormGeo’s Global Industry Manager Offshore Wind, Anna Hilden, at the Business Network for Offshore Wind, Foundation 2 Blade (F2B) industry training on February 19, 2021.

Anna will participate in the F2B roundtable focused on the construction and installation of an offshore wind project. Learn more about Anna and the training program here:

Construction and Installation:

Understand the construction and installation phase of an offshore wind project, which requires multiple port facilities, a variety of vessels, extensive planning and adherence to strict health and safety standards.

Foundation 2 Blade (F2B) is an extensive training program with a singular purpose: to help companies identify where they fit into the offshore wind supply chain and potential contracting entities.

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Anna Hilden

With over a decade of industry experience, Anna provides advanced meteorological services to clients in the renewable energy sector for safer and more efficient offshore operations.