Wind Energy Asia 2021

Turbines and typhoons - managing weather risks in offshore wind construction and maintenance

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Wind Energy Asia Forum


WEA 2021 virtual platform


March 11, 2021

Join StormGeo’s Global Industry Manager Offshore Wind, Anna Hilden, as she presents Turbines and Typhoons - Managing weather risks in offshore wind construction and maintenance at Wind Energy Asia Forum (WEA).

Anna will be presenting in the Marine environment, operation and management section at 15:20PM (CST). 

The Interplan Group and WEA long-term presence in the industry has allowed them to bring together experience and resources from every sector. They are a PEO, keeping abreast of global trends and organizing successful international exhibitions and, acting as an agent, bringing renowned concepts into Taiwan.

Stormgeo key speakers
Anna Hilden

With over a decade of industry experience, Anna provides advanced meteorological services to clients in the renewable energy sector for safer and more efficient offshore operations.