severe weather impacts complex offshore wind farm operations

Offshore Wind Vortex Portal

StormGeo's Vortex portal displays all relevant forecasts and charts that can be adjusted to the needs of each user.

StormGeo's Vortex portal displays all relevant forecasts and charts that can be adjusted to the needs of each user.

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StormGeo delivers highly accurate weather forecasts to any location or wind farm project, globally.

StormGeo’s metocean and weather forecasting services for offshore wind farm installation and maintenance are specifically made for offshore wind. These services are built on our experience working on more than 60 offshore wind projects.

Key Benefits

Centralized Information

Find all relevant forecasts and charts in a single web portal.

Highly Customizable

The portal is highly configurable and can be adjusted to the needs of each customer and user.

Tailored to offshore wind farm operators

The services are especially made for offshore wind and built on our experience working on more than 60 offshore wind projects.

Details and specifications

StormGeo's Vortex portal displays all relevant forecasts and charts, to which each company or user gets a login. The specific contents of the portal are highly configurable to your specific needs.

The web portal works smoothly on PCs, as well as on tablets and smartphones.


On the overview page, you will have access to a map with your forecast locations, overlaid on forecast charts that can be animated up to 10 days in advance. Several different weather parameters and combinations of parameters are available. Satellite and radar imagery can also be presented. 

Overview page2

Asset Overview

See the weather windows for all your operations in one view to immediately gauge when you will have working weather.

Asset Overview

Lightning warnings and live lightning data

StormGeo’s lighting warning service for Offshore Wind allows you to track lightning systems in real time with:

  • Live lightning data presented in your web portal
  • A daily lightning risk report, delivered via email and web portal
  • Lightning Proximity Alerts sent out via email and/or SMS in case lightning has been detected in the vicinity of your site
Lightning Big Map

Seven-day forecasts

You will also have access to forecasts seven days ahead of all relevant weather and wave parameters in tabular and graphical formats. The forecasts are based on the meteorologist’s corrections of weather and ocean model forecasts, and are updated several times daily.

  • Wind speed 10 m above sea level*
  • Gust speed 10 m above sea level*
  • Wind speed 50 m above sea level*
  • Gust speed 50 m above sea level*
  • Wind speed 100 m above sea level*
  • Gust speed 100 m above sea level*
  • Wind direction 10 m above sea level (degrees)
  • Significant wave height (m)
  • Maximum wave height (m)
  • Average wave period (s)
  • Peak wave period (s)
  • Significant wind wave height (m)
  • Average wind wave period (s)
  • Average wind wave direction (degrees)
  • Significant swell height (m)
  • Average swell period (s)
  • Average swell direction (degrees)
  • Water level / tide (cm)
  • Air pressure (hPa)
  • Air temperature (degrees C)
  • Sea surface temperature (degrees C)
  • Relative humidity (percent)
  • Precipitation amount per 3 hours (mm)
  • Visibility (km)
  • Lightning risk (nil/low/medium/high)
  • Fog risk (nil/low/medium/high)
  • Confidence level for forecast accuracy (high/medium/low)

*(m/s or knots)

For most locations, the following parameters are also available two or more days ahead:

  • Water current speed (m/s)
  • Water current direction (degrees)
Graphical forecast Weather

An optional extension to the criteria warning tool allows you to pick pre-defined criteria from a drop-down list of operations (e.g. cable laying, foundation installation, tower installation, nacelle installation, turbine O&M). The criteria are set up according to your specifications.

Long-range weather window forecasts

Interactive probabilistic forecast of weather windows based on your operational criteria.

Probability forecast of wave height

Tidal information

Forecasts of the times for astronomical high and low tide are available in tabular form more than a year in advance, and even for offshore sites. This is very useful for planning, e.g., major repairs in the O&M phase.

Tidal table for offshore site

Satellite pictures and forecast charts

Forecast charts are typically available for the following parameters in different combinations:

  • Significant wave height
  • Significant swell height
  • Peak wave period
  • Wind speed
  • Air pressure
  • Precipitation
  • Thunder index

The following live data is typically available:

  • Latest satellite data
  • Live radar data
  • Live lightning data

Radar imagery, satellite pictures and forecast charts

Live radar and satellite data, as well as an extensive set of forecast charts allow you to visualize in real time the weather conditions in and around your Offshore Wind site.



Daily video brief sample screenshot

Daily video brief

If you prefer a live presentation of the weather forecast, we offer a daily video briefing. This is a 2-3 minutes’ long walk-through of the weather conditions and the upcoming days' forecast in a graphical and very educative format.

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