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Renewable Investor Support

Economic feasibility studies to investors interested in renewable energy.

Economic feasibility studies to investors interested in renewable energy.

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Europe will be going from fossil fuels to renewable sources. And for renewable sources, weather conditions are very, very important.
Freddy van Halm
key benefits

Database Access

The main renewable investment databases benchmark your projects

Determine the Potential Outcome

Techno-economic feasibility studies give needed insight for decision-making

Cross Competence

Energy market insight paired with climate and weather expertise

Details and Specifications

We support investors interested in renewable energy generation, battery and storage technologies or anyone impacted by energy policies or technological change. Our valuable service and support are continually evolving, in step with this area’s dynamic change.

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StormGeo’s offering includes

  • Renewable investments in wind power, solar photovoltaics (PV), bio, batteries or other storage technologies advice
  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and other contractual advisory support
  • Transaction support
  • Evaluation of opportunities on request
  • Detailed renewable investment databases
  • Climate and weather competence.