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  • 2020 Bulkers partners with StormGeo to deliver Voyage and Commercial Performance Monitoring
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2020 Bulkers partners with StormGeo to deliver Voyage and Commercial Performance Monitoring

2020 Bulkers, an independent dry bulk owner based in Oslo, Norway, has entered into an agreement with StormGeo to monitor commercial performance and increase operational efficiency of their fleet of eight bulkers.


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2020 Bulkers owns eight new scrubber-fitted 208.000 DWT dry bulk carriers that were delivered between 2019 and 2020. StormGeo will be providing commercial performance monitoring for the entire fleet through s-Insight, the company’s fleet performance management system.

Christian Dahll, Head of Commercial Operation, 2020 Bulkers

“Being able to easily visualize and assess the actual performance of our vessels is important for us”, said  Christian Dahll from 2020 Bulkers. “Since our inception, we wanted to monitor our vessels as early as possible in their life-cycle. This gives us an edge in identifying efficiency improvement areas in our operations and ultimately delivers a better service to our clients”.

For vessels under 2020 Bulkers own operation, StormGeo will be providing route advisory services via the s-Routing arm of s-Suite, the company’s solution for voyage planning, onboard route optimization, route advisory services and fleet performance management.

With both s-Routing and s-Insight combined, 2020 Bulkers will be able to monitor in real time the performance of the routed vessel, giving their operations team actionable information to maximize the performance of the voyage.

StormGeo provides more than 12,000 ships with voyage planning, onboard route optimization, route advisory and fleet performance management products and services. 65,000 voyages are routed by StormGeo annually. In addition, StormGeo supports nearly 3000 vessels in achieving EU-MRV and/or IMO-DCS emission goals. 

About StormGeo

StormGeo is a global provider of weather intelligence and decision support services, with leading solutions for shipping, oil and gas, renewable energy, utilities, cross industries, media and aviation. StormGeo’s products and services help clients manage risk, optimize performance, reduce costs and increase revenue amid climate change. The company has 23 offices globally, including eight 24/7/365 global operations centers.

StormGeo's s-Suite is applicable to companies of all sizes. Contact us to request a demo, or to speak with a StormGeo representative.
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