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  • Pacific Basin and StormGeo Partner to Develop Strategic Power Routing and Advance Decarbonization
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Pacific Basin and StormGeo Partner to Develop Strategic Power Routing and Advance Decarbonization

Pacific Basin, one of the world's leading owners and operators of modern Handysize and Supramax dry bulk ships, is on a path toward decarbonization—a sustainable movement sweeping through the shipping industry. As part of this ongoing strategy, Pacific Basin partnered with StormGeo in 2020 to develop a solution that would optimize fuel efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Pacific Basin

The delivered solution, StormGeo’s Strategic Power Routing, allows a vessel’s engine to operate at an optimum RPM—maintaining constant power and stabilizing fuel consumption through various weather conditions. This is a contrast to the traditional method of sailing done at a set speed, despite varying weather conditions during a voyage. 


As a member of the UN Global Compact Action Platform for Sustainable Ocean Business, StormGeo was also able to submit the case study of Strategic Power Routing for Pacific Basin to the UNGC Shipping Practical Guidance for the Shipping Industry as an achievement toward UN Principle #3. This Principle urges companies operating on the ocean to “take action to prevent pollution affecting the ocean, reduce greenhouse gas emissions in their operations to prevent ocean warming and acidification, and transition towards a circular economy.” 

Strategic Power Routing is a key addition to StormGeo’s s-Suite, and is part of StormGeo’s Route Advisory Services. Now available, Strategic Power Routing can be easily integrated for existing s-Suite customers or procured separately.

StormGeo Strategic Power Routing helps to optimize fuel and reduce emissions. Contact us to speak with a StormGeo representative.
Product range

s-Routing | Strategic Power Routing

Maintain constant power, optimize fuel consumption and reduce emissions by adjusting RPM based on track and weather forecast.

s-Routing | Classic Routing

StormGeo's expert Route Analysts factor in your vessel specifications and environmental conditions to identify the most cost-effective, sustainable and safe route.

s-Routing | Voyage Optimization

Manage total voyage cost both pre-voyage and en route, while quickly incorporating changes in the market and/or Required Time of Arrival.