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New Year's Greetings from the Rowegian Row team!

Post 1

29th of December - rain and wind

After a flying start, tailwind and 1000 nautical miles traveled within the first 13 days, today comes as a large contrast.

It rains steadily, the sun does not seem to announce its arrival, and the wind is so mild that a leaf would lie safely on the deck. It may also seem that parts of the Atlantic Ocean have been replaced with syrup. We have been rowing a good 60 nm per night, but probably have to count less in the next 24 hours.

It is appropriate to quote a man whom Cornelia met in Scotland and who loved the stormy weather of the country. "Another shitty day in parrradise"

The fact that we are very familiar with the adventure we have chosen to take on, and that these rainy days would have eventually come -- we can only find ourselves  laughing a bit extra. We laugh at the heavy clouds, the hurt sore backs and the clammy cabins. The alternative is to cry, but we will not add any extra salt water to this mixture.

It's two days before New Year's Eve, and it feels crazy that 1st January will arrive on Monday. Monday is a symbolic day to start a new year, and in our present day, with a somewhat challenging physical job, we also start fresh on Monday. January may even be the month in which we arrive. 2018 will be good.

Food Talk

We talk about this subject the most on board, it's clear that it's a theme we think about more than others. Food.

On Christmas Eve, Camilla and Cornelia had a little treats from their father, and we all agree that a bottle of soda has never given such a flavor explosion before. So it is certain that we miss the flavors beyond our daily dry rations.

During the shifts we quote the most delicious dishes between us and ask to hear how they become. "Smeared in butter you say", "fresh bread? Still hot from the oven or? .. soft, with crispy crust maybe? .. yes .."

The morale is; eat and enjoy food whenever you can.


None of us have – knock on wood, suffered any serious injury. But surprises we get every single day. Our oars are our best friend, but also our worst enemy. Our shins and hip bones are filling with small bruises every single day. As this has become an everyday occurrence, we have developed three reactions that indicate a degree of pain.

  • Category 1 - short-term pain. Predict as "au" and "fa **", and is more reaction than pain.
  • Category 2 - more rare and more painful. The verbs become more creative.
  • Category 3 - Proper pain. Followed by silence. Someone asks "a 3?" You nod and get the time you need.

Of the more unfortunate cases, we have a slipped on deck. Our legs have slipped, our knees slam into the door, our arms have been tangled and twisted over the safety lines on each side, and a head has ended up in the toilet bucket. Nice.

Until next time

This is all part of life on board, and a big PS to the other episodes is that the gray day proved useful. It felt hard to row, so Sophie thought it might be worth a peek in one of the underneath storages. The room with survival suits was flooded, the room was filled to the brim.

We emptied the water trap, and was able to dry our suits out during a break in the rain. To investigate, Camilla jumped out into the mid-Atlantic and checked the underside of the boat. Shortly thereafter, we could row 50 liters lighter, and with a clean Camilla who was able to at the same time get in a quick hair wash and now smells of a lovely spring scent.

Nothing is broken that it's not good for anything.

Item 2
New Year's Eve - the wind is back
Some latency on our holiday posts, but now New Year's Eve has past, and January 2018 has begun.

We celebrated the day with the exchanging dreams with Team 02, consisting of two Egyptians, both named Omar. It was a delicious swapping of food in honor of team 02 for sharing their supplies, they had to stop the race last week for various reasons. They will definitely be missed in Antigua.

After the meal the seal was broken on four cokes, a chocolate plate, some gummi treat and a packet of maltsters. We can conclude that there is nothing wrong with the appetite.

In conclusion, we reviewed what we are grateful for the previous year and what 2018 will potentially be able to offer. We also had a summary of the trip so far and everyone could ease the heart. A new conclusion is that ceilings, open minds, care and common desire create a good team.

We hope everyone at home has had a wonderful celebration and that the New Year's Proposals are going well.

Happy New Year from us!

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