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Webinar: Seasonal Weather Outlook and Routing Strategies

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Will it be an El Niño or La Niña winter season? Or will it be somewhere in between? Answers to these questions are vital for shipping companies when they plan routes and schedules for an upcoming season.


While shippers were once happy to leave answers to these questions to weather experts, today many have an active interest in these weather phenomena and how they impact their business. 

Kyle Blount has noticed this trend in the seven years he’s worked as a meteorologist and ship router at StormGeo. In fact, it’s now part of his current job as Customer Success Supervisor in StormGeo Shipping, to make presentations to clients on the summer or winter weather outlook. He also outlines reasons for changes to these clients’ routes based on these outlooks.

Webinar Recording: Seasonal Weather Outlook and Routing Strategies

Webcast Seasonal weather outlook

Topics covered: 

  • Difference between winter 2019/2020 and 2020/2021
  • Changes in the gale track and routes
  • Routing options Asian Monsoon
  • Things to watch in the North Atlantic and the South Atlantic

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