Free BVS upgrade

StormGeo is offering a free upgrade to the latest version of BonVoyage System (BVS).

This offer is extended until February 28, 2019, and applies to all current users of BVS.

StormGeo’s acquisition of Nautisk in September 2018, and thus, the integration of their solutions, takes the shipping world one step closer to a single vendor integrated bridge.

Why is this a good deal?

Clients moving to the latest version of BVS will be given high-value free upgrades over the next 12 months — enabling you to plan your voyage, optimize the route for the effect of weather, sea, current and commercial criteria, activate needed charts, safely export the compliant route to ECDIS and ensure shore side operational control — all in one platform.

In addition, we offer those that upgrade or are current users of the latest BVS version these additional options:

  • NaviPlanner - Free licenses of the NaviPlanner module for your entire fleet. With NaviPlanner, you can (in one integrated work process) plan a voyage, seamlessly optimize the route through the latest version of BVS, manage/order the required ENCs and generate a route plan from the system.
  • Fleet Decision Support System - FleetDSS integrates with the onboard systems, allowing onshore personnel to manage the company fleet. FleetDSS is used for standard weather display through to full advanced data analytics. All vessels can be tracked and displayed by our AIS service (fee waived if NaviPlanner is used to update ENCs). With this offer, access to FleetDSS will be free for monitoring route optimization and weather information display.

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Watch our NaviPlanner promo video to learn more about the product.

NaviPlanner is a full-service navigational planning solution grouping Weather and Routing (BVS), ENC Ordering and Voyage Plan Generation (Navigational Planning) (02:53)

Not a user of BVS? Contact us to receive a proposal showing how you can best leverage these solutions, from onboard to shore-based use.