How to use the enhanced features in BVS8 to improve communication between ship and shore

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October 8, 2019

Watch the recording of the webinar about how the latest enhanced features of BVS 8 help improve communication between ship and shore.


  • 01:58 - Introduction to StormGeo
  • 03:03 - StormGeo Shipping Solutions
  • 07:39 - BVS Basics
  • 15:04 - BVS 8 - capabilities
  • 15:29 - Route tracks and route advisory
  • 16:34 - Weather data configuration and route
  • 17:26 - Port vicinity forecasts and insert via ports
  • 20:06 - Tropical Storm Track - Ensemble Probability
  • 21:57 BVS 8 and FleetDSS - improving joing decision making
About the panelists

John Dawson

Sales Manager, StormGeo Shipping UK

John is a digital navigation specialist with over 20 years’ experience in the marine sector and is an expert in the regulations surrounding digital navigation and how shipping companies can ensure compliance for their vessels.

Solbjørg Apeland

Sales and Product Specialist, StormGeo Shipping Scandinavia

Solbjørg has a masters degree in Meteorology from the University of Bergen and has worked as a forecaster for various industries, including media, Offshore Oil and Gas and Shipping.