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  • The Importance of Accurate Weather Insight in Shipping
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April 2, 2019

The Importance of Accurate Weather Insight in Shipping

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Workshop in cooperation with PEPEN and KESEN


Pireas, Greece


April 2, 2019

StormGeo Greece in cooperation with PEPEN and KESEN proudly invite you for an insightful workshop at the unique and historical Hellas Liberty, from 15:00 to 18:00.


The Importance of Accurate Weather Insight in Shipping

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Topics include:

  • How to report observed ship weather
  • How to estimate wave height
  • DDS3 vs significant wave height
  • What is "good weather" and how is it set in Charterparties?
  • Currents and current factor
  • Why are weather model winds often weaker than ship winds?
  • Weather routing optimization, methods and benefits
  • Importance of Routing Advisory

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Workshop Lead: Nikos Mazarakis, PhD

Nikos Mazarakis LDDr. Nikos Mazarakis is a Professor of Marine Meteorology. He studied Physics and Meteorology at the University of Athens and Patras, and is an associated researcher at the Institute for Environmental Research and Sustainable Development of the National Observatory of Athens.

Dr. Mazarakis is also an instructor of Modern Marine Meteorology Seminars and was a trainer at the KESEN for more than seven years.

He has held long-term cooperations with various media (TV, radio and newspapers) as a meteorologist. His experience in teaching marine meteorology extends to more than 5,000 hours. Today, Dr. Mazarakis is part of the StormGeo team in Athens as Client Relations and General Office Manager.

Where: Pireas, Greece

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