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Good Data Delivers Better Results

February 21, 2018

StormGeo is frequently asked questions along the following lines:

  • How long will a loaded voyage take?
  • How long would a round-trip take?
  • How many voyages can my vessel do in one year along a trade route?
  • How deeply can I load a ship?
  • What conditions are to be expected along a route?

We have touched on some of these issues in the October 2013 newsletter. Voyage calculators and estimators can answer some of the questions above. However, when these calculations are imperative for efficient operations, StormGeo's ship routing advisory service is able to drill deeper into the data, which might be of significant benefit to the ship operator.

Utilizing an extensive, proprietary historical database of winds and waves, StormGeo can help the ship operator in making informed decisions to obtain the best result possible.

In a sample voyage (below) for a 15.0-knot vessel sailing from Shanghai in January for a voyage to Rotterdam via Suez, StormGeo can provide the operator with statistics such as the expected average, minimum and maximum times. We also provide the same statistics for the 70th percentile, which is often a more usable statistic than just an average (the 70th percentile is the statistical level where 70% of the results would be lower, but 30% would be higher).

jan14 map fullsize


Similarly, StormGeo can answer what weather conditions would be likely during the voyage and along which parts of the voyage. In the graph below, StormGeo presents the user with information describing the likelihood of heavy winds and/or waves along defined portions of the voyage.

The following results are for January departures, which can have dramatically different results as compared departures at other times of the year.

jan14 percent occurrence fullsize

The above splits the analysis at various points along the route. This information can be quite informative, especially when sensitive cargo is being carried.

By utilizing its proprietary, historical data, StormGeo's ship routing advisory services gives ship operators the essential information they need to make informed decisions for safe and efficient voyages.