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How is Your Vessel Performing?

Imagine if you could browse data collected from hundreds of ships and hundreds of thousands of voyages. StormGeo's anonymous performance data allows you to do just that!

In today's shipping market that continues to be under a great deal of pressure, it becomes increasingly important to see how your assets are positioned in the market.

StormGeo collects a wide range of data from vessels, and this data can be customized to meet the needs of the individual client. The data is used to populate a vast array of reports and graphs including, but not limited to:

  • Consumption curves
  • Customizable daily performance numbers
  • Consumption graphs comparing user defined periods of time
  • Anonymous performance data – the focus of this article

StormGeo Identifies a Need

StormGeo has always made it easy for our customers to see their vessel performance speed, fuel consumption, speed loss and impact of weather and ocean currents.

Vessel operators, however, want to see how a particular ship in their fleet compares to similar ships operating in the market. This information empowers them to make strategic business decisions based on the relative value a ship brought to the market, with regard to her speed and fuel consumption.

Creating a Solution

StormGeo provides service to more than 60,000 voyages a year. The data collected gives us unprecedented insight into the speed and consumption trends of the shipping industry.
StormGeo provides vessel operators access to this enormous array of data in a secure format to ensure that identifiable information is protected. This anonymous performance data displays how your ship is performing among ships of similar size, hull design, engine power and age. To this end, StormGeo created an interface allowing our customers to select a vessel in their fleet and customize the results.

newsletter oct14 data selection gray

The reference vessel is selected from your fleet list with a defined range of departure dates. The ship selection includes all ships StormGeo provided service to, on your behalf, during the prescribed date ranges. Once selected the vessel type, age, deadweight and Maximum Continuous Power Rating (MCR) are populated in the comparison vessel panel along with default tolerances. Those tolerances can be adjusted up or down to modify the number of ships used to create the graph data.

Data Results

The graph below is a plot of the performance speeds and consumptions for all the ships that fall into your data selection. The red line is the median curve of comparison vessels while the orange colored x and block shapes represent how your ship is performing compared to other vessels.

An operator in this case can clearly see that in laden condition at 12.1 knots her ship is more efficient, while in ballast condition at 11 knots her ship is less efficient.

The data can be further sorted by laden or ballast ships and it can be displayed in relationship to the charter party speed and consumption. This is helpful because it allows you to see if your ship is well described compared to similar ships.

newsletter oct14 data graph


When your ships are serviced with StormGeo and you receive a performance evaluation, the data analysis tools can be activated on your web portal and/or Fleet DSS desktop fleet management products. Navigating to the "Data Analysis" tab allows you to choose between reports and graphs.

The goal of StormGeo is to provide innovative products that allow shipping professionals to make informed fleet decisions quickly. In the case of anonymous performance data, we are giving you the power to browse the results of hundreds of thousands of voyages to confirm where the speeds and consumptions of your vessels stand in relation to the shipping industry.