Vessel Performance Data

December 18, 2017

How to Get Accurate Vessel Performance Data

StormGeo is known for its ability to provide accurate en-route and post voyage data regarding weather and vessel performance to our customers. We achieve this accuracy by utilizing: 1) StormGeo's access to extremely high-resolution forecasts and historical data, and 2) The ability to generate ship-specific performance profiles using the millions of reported positions received from the vessels for which we provide services. With this data we create ship type performance curves that are adjusted with the vessel specific data received.

StormGeo's ability to accurately assess vessel performance occurs in part from the helpful cooperation we have from the vessel's staff. They send StormGeo Shipping daily reports with valuable information regarding engine performance and bunker consumption, as well as weather encountered and a multitude of other details as required by the vessel operator. This reporting is a critical factor in the process. To streamline this process, StormGeo has completely redesigned its Data Reporting System, called DRS2. The new program makes it easier for vessels' staff to quickly supply voyage data.

StormGeo's Data Reporting System is a Windows program that makes it quick and easy for the staff to enter required report details. This version is now available as either an HTML form or as a Windows Executable program.

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Consumption Analysis Clients can specify the data reporting fields they would like to have available to their reporting vessels.


Reporting with DRS2 is much more concise than earlier versions. Specific report fields can be designated by the vessel operator to ensure that only the required information is reported. The information in the daily DRS report is now sent in the message body of the vessel's email.

Also important is that DRS2 integrates with StormGeo's latest onboard voyage routing system, BVS 7. StormGeo recently announced its new version, BVS 7 that adds many new features to maximize fuel efficiency and enhance safety. The Windows executable version of DRS2 allows users to archive report information and to insert daily position information into the active voyage track of BVS 7. With each emailed report submission, position details are imported into BVS 7, thus minimizing computer data entry requirements and freeing up the captain and staff to focus on other important duties. DRS2 also integrates with ChartCo's MetManager 7.

As StormGeo continues its commitment to provide the best products and services in the industry, its 24x7 support team is available to assist users in increasing their confidence and familiarity with those products. Please feel free to contact us with any questions by emailing us here or call us at +1 408 731 8601

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