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Announcing AWT Name Change to StormGeo

Jan 25, 2015

When StormGeo acquired AWT in January 2014, we obtained an abundance of resources that propelled our growth and accelerated time-to-market for new products and services.

We have expanded our reach globally with 22 offices in 16 countries, of which 7 are 24/7/365 forecast operations centers, and we are leading the industry, routing more than 60,000 voyages per year! 

For our customers, nothing has changed, your contacts remain the same, and you will continue to receive exceptional service as always. However, the shipping industry is changing!

The shipping industry is now looking into Advanced Analytics and Deep Learning, and StormGeo is at the forefront.

With 20 years of experience in shipping, StormGeo has built a unique data lake with ship route data, fuel consumption and other performance indicators for hundreds of thousands of routes across the globe. We are analyzing massive amounts of historical and real-time data with artificial intelligence. Using deep learning and neural nets, we help the shipping industry make better decisions and safeguard their daily operations.

In September 2016, StormGeo acquired Nena Analysis, a leading advanced data analytics company that will help propel StormGeo Shipping into the future. 

How is StormGeo applying its deep learning? Currently we are integrating Advanced Analytics into our fleet management solution. By analyzing hundreds of thousands of voyages to deliver anonymous performance data, we will move beyond the traditional KPI’s such as fuel optimization, draft and trim optimization. We will also support relevant KPI’s such as fleet and operations efficiency and predictive maintenance.

StormGeo’s competence and experienced team of data scientists has allowed us to deliver deeper understandings for our clients—enabling them to be leaders in their industries. By combining historic and real-time data, we reach new insights to drive operational performance for customers, exceeding their expectations.


Finally, as our company logos have evolved, so have we. You will see that our new logo, February 2017, keeps our original name as our tagline, Applied Weather Technology. We look forward to even greater success together in the future!