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New Operational Organization

May 27, 2016

Specialization by ship type


StormGeo Shipping, has undergone an organizational change within the Operations department affecting offices in California, New York and Aberdeen. It was decided at the beginning of this year to align our group based on market specialization by ship type. The concept is to align StormGeo more closely with that of the market in which we operate. Optimizing our operational organization has strong benefits, both to our clients and the company.
For these reasons four ship-type based teams have been formed, each including Senior Route Analysts, Route Analysts, Fleet Information Technicians and End of Voyage Analysts. Two teams are located in Sunnyvale and two teams in New York State. There are two Fleet Operations Centers, each with responsibility for two ship types:

Fleet Operations Center (West)                Fleet Operations Center (East)
Located in Sunnyvale                                   Located in New York State
Bulk Team                                                    Tanker Team
Container Team                                           Ro/Ro & Special Vessels Team

Operational staff in Aberdeen will act as a satellite of Fleet Operations Center (East). A common Customer Service Team provides data support for all shipping business areas and provide user software support.

IMG 4560Staff at Fleet Operation Center West Container Team

In addition to enhancing our business profile, formation of these ship-type teams, made up with staff of complimentary skill sets, is expected to enhance job satisfaction, personal skills and career development for our staff.

IMG 4574Jim Sigafoose, Performance Supervisor for the Performance & Studies team

“I am convinced that the formation of ship-specific operational teams will provide a competitive advantage and exceptional service differentiation in an increasingly complex market,” said Haydn Jones, StormGeo CEO. “It aligns with the vessel type specific requirements of our international shipping clients. It will also give the basis for coherent, manageable, task based groups and enhance staff job satisfaction and career development.”