Container in storm BVS Seakeeping

BVS Seakeeping

BVS Seakeeping


Predict your ship's dynamics to avoid severe motions, decrease fuel consumption and cargo damage, and receive live seakeeping advisory with optional motion sensor data.

Key benefits

Avoid Severe Motions

Advice on changes of course and speed to prevent events, such as Parametric and Synchronous Rolling

Live Seakeeping Advisory

Optional use of motion sensor data to override the weather forecast estimates

Lowest Fuel Consumption and Cargo Damage

Best-in-class variable speed, ECA, and least cost optimization with full cargo damage prevention

Details and Specifications

We’ve provided motion forecasting and logging systems for nearly two decades. Our software is developed and supported by highly competent Naval Architects

Seakeeping Enroute Live 3 Parametric rolling2

Prevent Cargo Damage

Each ship will have a unique response to weather conditions depending on their loading condition and load distribution for each voyage.

Empower your crew with a tool that will monitor relevant thresholds for accelerations, lashings and potential cargo damage and losses in any weather condition.

BVS Seakeeping Live includes an optional sensor that adds powerful real-time support at sea as well as extensive data recording for post-voyage analysis. 

Seakeeping Enroute Live 3 Route Optimization

Lowest Fuel Consumption and Emission

There is a huge potential to lower fuel consumption and cut emissions of greenhouse gases with BVS Seakeeping's full-featured voyage optimizer.

With BVS Seakeeping on-board, you get the best technology available, ensuring that your decisions are founded on correct and sound data.

A distinctive BVS Seakeeping feature is the use of a physics‐based propulsion model for performance calculations in order to produce accurate results. 

LNG Sloshing Avoidance Module

The LNG Sloshing Avoidance Module is optional to BVS Seakeeping and is specially tailored for use with prismatic membrane tank LNG vessels. It is developed following extensive analysis of a number of sloshing events reported by customer’s LNG vessels and approved by membrane tank manufactures.

BVS Seakeeping offers two levels of functionality and sophistication



Seakeeping Live

16-day weather forecasts
High-resolution weather forecast data
Physics-based propulsion model, using model tests if available
Cost-based voyage optimization
Enhanced Dynamic stability module
Voyage optimization with ship dynamics
LNG Sloshing Avoidance Module
Support for dual-fuel including LNG boil-off
Motion sensor  
Real-time seakeeping guidance  
Data recording for post-voyage analysis