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Digital Books and Publications

Digital Books and Publications

s-Planner | Publications

User centric digital nautical publication reader, bookstore and vessel document library

Key benefits

Digital publications library automatically up-to-date

Manage your complete library of digital publications in a single application. Download what you need, when you need it – including all updates – and remain compliant.

Eliminate physical shipments of paper publications

Download books and publications instantly, eliminating freight costs and the logistics of getting paper publications to a vessel.

Upload and share your own files

Upload, edit and share your own documents, forms and procedures with a vessel or the whole fleet. All consistent and accessible via an optimized search engine.

Details and Specifications

Vessels traveling global routes can fall foul of SOLAS regulations and be at risk of being held by Port State Control if documents are found to be missing or out of date. s-Planner | Publications reduces the risk of non-compliance, by bringing all your onboard documents together in digital format, storing all of your navigational publications and documents in one, easy-to-use virtual bookshelf.

s-Planner | Publications runs on Windows 10 and uses a smart download protocol.  Even when you lose internet access, there’s no loss of data, resuming file downloads and maintaining file integrity.

s-Planner Publications

Complete digital publication and documentation library

With s-Planner | Publications, you can manage your complete library of digital publications in a single app.

It enables you to purchase and download publications only when required, saving vessels an average of 30% a year on publication purchase costs. 

s-Planner | Publications also gives you the option to upload your own pdf documents, forms and procedures, all in one place and available via an optimized search engine.

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Eliminate manual corrections to paper documents and shipment freights

s-Planner | Publications automatically updates all your digital books and publications, saving you a considerable amount of time and money. Since publications are available on subscription, you only pay what you need. 

You not only stay compliant at all times but keep your crew, vessel and cargo safe.