Torleif Markussen Lunde

Torleif Markussen Lunde

Strategy Associate, Bergen

Develops StormGeo’s strategic partnerships and continuously improves business lines. With expertise in climate research and data handling systems, Torleif helps drive StormGeo to the technological forefront of the industry.

Torleif’s Story

“My goal is to ensure we use the best and most practical solutions to identify, predict, understand, communicate, and act on futures that matter – within weather and beyond.”

Torleif joined StormGeo in 2014, coming from an academic background as an assistant professor at the University of Bergen. Having studied the impacts of malaria interventions and climate, Torleif became interested in the significance of the predictive power beyond weather forecasting. He saw StormGeo as the perfect environment to push such ideas into real products.

Torleif has had several roles within StormGeo; including Leader of Global Data Strategy, Research Manager, and Senior Scientist. He has been involved in developing a range of new forecasting capabilities, such as StormGeo’s lightning warnings and live lightning data, which allow clients to track lightning systems in real time and get a cost estimate of the likely damage.

Taking initiative for a corporate data strategy, a team was formed to architect and develop StormGeo’s next generation data handling systems.

“We did some heavy lifting on the back-end so that we could deliver data and products in a much more stable way to our customers. This also helped with building prescriptive models more efficiently. StormGeo handles massive amounts of data every day — getting all of that to function and scale is a large part of what we do and requires a lot of infrastructure and knowledge to deliver this data 24/7.”

Torleif now plays a key role in driving the company’s strategy forward, building partnerships and developing future business lines.

“We will keep pushing beyond weather forecasting. We know that weather forecasting works, but there is still a way to go before forecasting the actual impact of that weather will have a high level of accuracy. If there is a storm coming, we want to be able to say how much it will cost, where damage will occur, and what exactly our clients need to do.”

Torleif also volunteers for a program that teaches children and youth how to code, through the website,


Finding the right solutions for the right problems.


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Torleif holds a PhD in Climate and Health from the University of Bergen.