• Hurricane Preparedness Webinar & Outlook
StormGeo Hurricane Preparedness Session
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Hurricane Preparedness Webinar & Outlook

Webinar & Hurricane Outlook: Prepare Your Organization Before the Next Hurricane

Join StormGeo for the online Hurricane Outlook and Preparedness Webinar, featuring sessions from Hurricane experts and professionals.

Get up to date on best practices for preparing your business and employees for the 2021 hurricane season, lessons learned from the field, the upcoming forecast and all you need to know to make business decisions based on the forecast.


Session topics include:

  • Ensuring Employee Preparedness at the Office and at Home

  • Lessons Learned from the Field from Jason Berrio, VP Plant Operations, TECO

  • Latest 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Outlook Update

  • Interpreting the Forecast to Make Response Decisions

  • Key Seasonal Trends & How They May Impact Your Business Decisions


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Key Speakers
Cameron Self.3

Cameron Self

courtland 250circle

Courtland Keith


Mike Venske


Rick Scott

Jason Berrio
VP Plant Operations with TECO

Interview with Jason Berrio, VP Plant Operations with TECO, sole provider of chill water cooling and steam heating for the Texas Medical Center (TMC) campus, the largest medical complex in the world. Berrio discusses how TECO maintains employee morale during a hurricane ride-out, their preparedness practices and the lessons learned from previous storms that have impacted the Houston area.