• U.S. Wildfire Forecast
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July – Sept 2021

U.S. Wildfire Forecast

High Risk of Large Wildfires This Summer

Seasonal fire risk periods

Seasonal fire risks based on climate


There are three main factors we look at when developing our wildfire forecast—the current drought conditions, current and forecast temperatures and precipitation.

Key Takeaways from the Summer Wildfire Forecast:

  • Regions with lower-than-normal soil moisture will have higher-than-normal risk of large-scale fires.
  • More extensive drought levels over 2020 are currently being experienced across portions of the West. 
  • Month-by-month breakdown of areas with highest risk for large-scale wildfires.

Based on these conditions, StormGeo is forecasting a higher-than-normal risk of large fires this season.

Month-by-Month Forecasts

We see the highest chance of large-scale fires through September...


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