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  • Top stories Advanced Response Forecasting

    StormGeo and Deep Sea Mooring have signed an agreement to provide notifications of weather-related movements of floating offshore units and vessels undertaking complex marine operations. Read more >>

  • Top stories OceanWatch Product Launch

    StormGeo introduces our new OceanWatch services. 

    Top stories Royal Visit at StormGeo Bergen

    His Royal Highness The Crown Prince Haakon Magnus visited the StormGeo headquarters in Bergen Thursday May 22. Read more >>
  • Projects & activities Incident analysis

    StormGeo's fine-scale modelling experts have a long history of working within incident analysis teams.
  • Projects & activities Offshore Consultancy

    StormGeo's meteorologists are often appointed as consultants to work within special weather-sensitive operations.
  • Projects & activities Weather Portals

    StormGeo has accumulated a large portfolio of internet-based weather portal customers.
  • R&D Modelling

    StormGeo has access to all major global systems, such as the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) and US-based National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP).
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  • R&D Statistics

    StormGeo can provide a variety of state-of-the-art statistical analyses.
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  • R&D Data and interface

    Weather On Demand - WOD - is a data delivery engine developed and optimized by StormGeo for reliable and quick data deliveries of weather information.
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  • R&D Report Series

    StormGeo has generated a large amount of reports during the years, below is a selected collection.
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  • Services Renewables

    The weather and the climate essentially determine the supply of renewable energy. StormGeo has gained its knowledge of the renewables industry through years of experience and research.
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  • Services Offshore

    StormGeo has accumulated long and extensive experience in the offshore market. We provide complete offshore forecasting services packages tailored to the requirements of our customers. 
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  • Media

    Services Media

    Improve your market position, boost viewer ratings and build advertising revenue through StormGeo's customised weather services.
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  • Services Aviation

    Combining our competence in fine-scale numerical weather forecast modelling with our logistical operations and safety products provides us with a complete aviation weather control environment.
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  • Services Corporate Enterprise

    The weather and your business. Weather is the number one cause of business disruption. It is a direct impact to your bottom line.
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