• AWT is changing its name to StormGeo!
AWT is SG Change

AWT is changing its name to StormGeo!

January 01, 2017

Where can I find AWT Services?

AWT is the Shipping division of StormGeo. Go to www.StormGeo.com and you will find Shipping.

Shipping 01

Why is Applied Weather Technology changing its name to StormGeo?

AWT was acquired by StormGeo in January 2014, and is now changing its name as part of the process of merging with its parent company.

As a result of the successful integration of the companies, we now expand our global reach; utilizing 7 global forecast centers with 24/7 operations.  Providing our customers the benefit of added expertise and resources. The name change takes place February 2017. 

Will I have the same contacts as before?

Yes, your AWT contacts will remain the same, as will the day to day business of AWT.

How do I log in?

Simply click on the Login tab in the top menu bar above. Chose StormGeo Shipping (formerly AWT), then proceed by adding your Login and password.

Do I have to do anything different to access information?

If your organization restricts access to external websites, you must grant the appropriate permissions. If you have a favorites tab on your browser, you will want to update it.

What if I have questions?
Please feel free to contact us with any questions by emailing shipping.customerservice@stormgeo.com or call us at +1 408 731 8601