• Customer cashing a check at a bank.

Financial Services

Weather solutions to safeguard financial institutions

StormGeo’s financial customers range from retail and investment banks to global trading companies. Our close partnership with these institutions has driven the development of our customized weather solutions for finance.

  • Maintain business continuity – StormGeo’s severe weather warnings ensure you have sufficient time to protect employees and shut down systems in a controlled manner. Our power outage forecasts allow our customers to safeguard valuable business data and plan for contingency power supply. Localized alerts will also ensure you avoid false alarms when there’s severe weather in your region, but not necessarily hitting your facility.
  • Last to close, first to open – Using StormGeo’s highly accurate alerting, you can go on serving communities and still return home safely before the storm. Customers naturally frequent ATMs ahead of the weather and value a well-informed bank that has pre-stocked. Using our ‘all clear’ signal, banking clients can be first to restock after the storm, safe in the knowledge that the threat has passed.

Predict market fluctuations with advanced weather analytics

DeepStorm, our advanced analytics platform, is now able to predict how variables will react to weather stimuli, which drive a wide range of consequences for financial institutions, including market fluctuations. This machine learning environment is structured to uncover complex relationships between our weather archives and historical market data to produce predictive analytics for forecasting financial opportunities.

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