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Stay on schedule with site-specific forecasting  

Both commercial and residential construction is impacted by severe weather. Construction site managers trust StormGeo’s timely weather guidance to protect their people, property and projects. Our tailored industry solutions can be customized to suit each project and are readily available via our mobile weather app.

  • Optimize your project scheduling – StormGeo ensures that you carry out weather-sensitive phases of your construction project during pre-advised weather windows. We make it our business to understand your weather sensitivities and operational threshold limits to undertake precise weather window analysis. By planning around potential weather delays, you remain on time and on budget.
  • Ensure construction site preparedness – StormGeo’s early weather warnings ensure your site is safe and secured ahead of severe weather. We work closely with site managers to trigger whatever actions are required to protect employees, materials and equipment from weather impacts.
  • Minimize project downtime – Protect narrow profit margins by trusting StormGeo to closely manage weather-related downtime. We ensure our hyper-localized weather alerting reduces false alarms, whilst ensuring you respond to genuine threats.
  • Claim for weather delays – StormGeo’s trusted historical weather archives provide ‘ground truth’ weather analysis for any specific construction site. This can be a valuable tool when claiming for weather-related delays during or at the end of a project.


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