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Stay on schedule with site-specific forecasting  

Both commercial and residential construction projects are adversely affected by high wind, extreme precipitation, temperatures, lightning, and flooding. Severe weather events can impact schedules, injure workers, and destroy expensive building materials and equipment, resulting in financial losses.

Construction site managers require timely site-specific weather impact information and guidance in order to protect people, property and projects from the effects of severe weather. StormGeo solutions help construction companies prepare for and minimize the effects of severe weather events on construction projects.

StormGeo construction services benefits
• Provide optimal project scheduling guidance
• Assure site-specific preparedness and operation for severe weather conditions
• Protect employees, materials, and equipment
• Minimize project interruptions and downtime

StormGeo manufacturing services features
• Business continuity project plan review, development, and support
• Site-specific, 24/7 global weather impact monitoring, alerts and guidance for:
• Severe thunderstorms and lightning
• Snow storms and freezing rain
• Tropical storms, hurricanes, and flooding
• Extreme temperature conditions
• Employee training and preparedness
• Secure client dashboard customized to facility location-specific and operational
• Historical forensics for project reporting

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