Energy & Utilities

Advanced Weather Technology for Energy Utilities

Utility companies may vary in size, but they all have one common goal: provide their customers with the most continuous power.

Watch this short video (2:31s) to see how StormGeo helps energy and utility companies stay ahead of weather-related risks with advanced lightning technology, GPS device following alerts, and 24/7 access to expert meteorologists.

Alerting & Monitoring

Utility companies need accurate weather forecasts to plan for outages, marshal the appropriate response resources, and keep customers and employees safe.

StormGeo provides site-specific weather forecasting with threat identification up to 10 days in advance, plus tailored real-time alerting based on location and critical thresholds.

Manage crew safety easily through our mobile app with GPS device following technology.

Business Continuity

StormGeo also supports energy and utility companies by providing 24/7 access to a team of meteorologists for additional decision guidance. Never question an alert or decision again; instead, ask the experts first-hand.

In addition, StormGeo's continuity experts can help build, update, or modify plans to keep up with constantly changing regulatory standards, such as OSHA. 

Once an emergency action plan is in place, StormGeo can help energy utilities test it against various circumstances and also train employees to maintain safety and continuity.

Weather Risks

StormGeo protects utility operations from a wide spectrum of sensitivities:

  • Flash flood warnings to keep trucks out of rising water
  • Detailed ice and snow impact forecasts for your grid
  • Advanced lightning modeling with 50% higher alert lead time
  • Hurricane forecasting with proprietary damage modeling tools
  • High wind advisories to reduce boom failure and tree debris damage
  • Critical temperature alerts to factor in break time

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