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MRV Compliance: Monitoring, Reporting and Verification

Ship-specific monitoring plan - MRV

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*StormGeo is a certified MRV supplier

Keeping your fleet at sea with EU MRV

The European Union has decided to take proactive steps ahead of the IMO to closely monitor COemissions for most vessels in excess of 5000 gross tons. Owners or vessel managers with ships that are calling ports in EU member states or intend to call ports in the EU have some important regulations and deadlines approaching. 

MRV regulation details and timeline

The regulation includes four key components:

1. The ship specific monitoring plan
2. Monitoring method to collect emissions data on all shipboard combustion sources
3. Reporting method capturing voyage specific and annual emissions of CO2
4. Verification by a third party accredited entity


MRV timeline

1. Ship-specific monitoring plan

StormGeo's shipping division (formerly AWT) has been collecting data, monitoring data and reporting data on fuel consumption and emissions for over twenty years, this is our business. The methods of collecting data and reporting data are well established and last year were utilized on more than 56,000 voyages.

StormGeo offers:
• Data collection (transport work calculation based on ship type)
• Data Storage

2. MRV Monitoring

The monitoring of fuel consumed can be handled in one of four ways as defined in EU 2015/757 Annex I. The most common method in use today is method B, which is the measurement of fuel remaining on board by tank readings. It will be important to remember that each source of combustion must be measured for voyages starting or ending in an EU member state.

There are a number of rules dictating when consumption and emissions are to be measured and when they are not to be measured. For example, one situation would be when a vessel goes to anchor prior to arriving at an EU member state, the time at anchor will not require measurement of COemissions for fuel(s) consumed for the purposes of MRV.

3. MRV Reporting

StormGeo developed systems that will collect and report data in strict accordance with the regulations of EU 2015/757. To ensure ship owners and managers can trust that the reporting will be handled properly, StormGeo has embarked on becoming accredited as an MRV compliant service provider.

StormGeo provides added value by:
• Routinely monitored reports through communication with the Captain on correct reporting
• Data Quality/Integrity control
• Production of annual reports (derived from all of the relevant voyages over the course of the          reporting year:

EU MRV table

4. Verification

Verification is a key component to MRV compiance as it promotes transparency according the EU regulation. An important aspect to keep in mind is that MRV regulations in EU 2015/757 article 14 states that a company can’t verify their own report. The intention behind this of course is to promote ‘independence and impartiality’. When evaluating third party vendors for your MRV solution it is important to understand that the same corporate entity will not also be conducting the verification of the reports.

StormGeo is partnering with a leading independent third party verification company so that your MRV Compliance needs can be completely handled full circle. Your Vessels will be covered from assistance with completion of the monitoring plan to submission of data to the verification entity.

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