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Navigating the Brutal Arctic

July 01, 2016

Viking Ice Consultancy Depends on StormGeo’s MetOcean Forecasts

In the brutal Arctic climate, the risks posed by severe storms and floating ice challenge enterprises to keep their operations safe. Despite these risks, telecommunications companies are forging ahead, braving some of the world’s harshest climates to lay transoceanic fiber-optic cable.

It requires extensive expertise and highly accurate, up-to-date information to prevent downtime, health risks and environmental hazards on such a project. Companies like Viking Ice Consultancy work with operators in the Arctic to ensure safe operations throughout a deep-sea cable project.

Viking is a turnkey ice management and logistical solutions provider with deep experience in ice-breaking and offshore operations in Arctic regions. With carefully laid plans, experienced ship operators, air surveillance, seamless communications and a comprehensive information and messaging system, they ensure the safety and efficiency of projects such as maritime cable installation.

“StormGeo is a commercial actor with excellent competency in weather forecasting, and they have operational experience from many regions,” Kjøl said. “I would for sure recommend StormGeo to another company considering their services.

To do that, Viking partners with StormGeo for tailored weather information with the update frequency and accuracy it needs. Viking gives StormGeo specific parameters for safe operation and StormGeo visualizes the forecast in a dedicated web portal to help identify the suitable weather windows for when, where and for how long weather conditions will allow for safe operations. If needed, StormGeo can support operations with a dedicated meteorologist onsite that will provide expert and immediate decision support on operative windows. This can reduce the alpha factor for the operation, and save you valuable time and money.

“During an Arctic transit last year,” said Andreas Kjøl, Project Director at Viking, “the uncertainty was reduced when we used the hourly point forecast prior to entering a difficult area where we had before been beset in ice.”

Careful, informed navigation is vital, as encountering ice can damage ships and put both the vessels and their crews in danger. Identifying where problem areas will be, and what the conditions will be when ships arrive, is one of the ways StormGeo can help Viking. This kind of analysis goes well beyond weather forecasts to communicate the consequences of the weather.

Picture the shrieking wind, vicious cold and towering waves that isolate one ship from another. In such remote and challenging climates, it is critical that Viking Ice Consultancy maintain a bird’s-eye view of its entire fleet, with the ability to monitor the safety and effectiveness of each ship. Through StormGeo’s AIS service, Viking can see an overview of its fleet, including tracking each vessel’s position, speed, wind and wave data, and more.

While StormGeo’s services are available worldwide, the weather forecast can be pinpointed to exactly the region of interest to customers, providing continuous support for weather sensitive operations. This is important for companies like Viking, whose operators are often far from communications infrastructure. The easy access to forecasts via a dedicated StormGeo web portal was cited as particularly valuable for Viking Ice Consultancy.

“This service is very important for us in completion to be a turnkey supplier,” Kjøl said. “Using data integration and the product distribution services -- the portal -- has taken us one step further.”

Through the company’s extensive experience and its partnership with StormGeo for highly flexible, tailored and frequent weather forecasts, Viking Ice Consultancy has reduced costs and saved time for its customers, resulting in greater success for projects delivering previously unavailable connectivity to the remote parts of the world.

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