StormGeo NaviPlanner BVS Route Optimization2

BVS Route Optimization

BVS Route Optimization


Optimize routes, monitor weather conditions and plan for navigation

Key benefits

Integration with NaviPlanner for Navigational Compliance

Our latest BVS pairs with NaviPlanner to check for intersecting ENCs and ECDIS validation.

Route Optimization with Commercial and Environmental Constraints

Optimize your route for least cost, required arrival time or least time, as well as setting environmental constraints.

Best in Class Weather Forecast

The Master's choice of weather display. Simple yet fully customizable weather data delivery.

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Details and Specifications

Designed with Masters and bridge environment in mind, StormGeo's BonVoyage System™ (BVS) provides you with user-friendly route optimization, voyage planning and reliable weather forecast in a simple-to-install, intuitive application.

The combination in NaviPlanner of Route Optimization and Navigational Planning allows you to:

  • Import routes from any ECDIS
  • Monitor weather conditions
  • Optimize the route
  • Check for intersecting ENCs, order new ones or update as required
  • Transfer your optimized route instantly to the ECDIS via NaviUpdate, without the need for USB drives
  • Create a fully compliant voyage plan
  • Obtain ports information
  • Generate a Voyage Report

BVS Unique Features:

StormGeo BVS Tropical Cyclone Probablity2

Tropical Storm Track - Ensemble Probability

Seven-day outlook representing in color contours the % probability of the center of a Tropical Storm passing within 125 miles of a given point.

The probability is based on 94 ensemble members and operational runs. Data is updated every six hours for active Tropical Cyclones.

This feature is only available in StormGeo's BVS!

StormGeo BVS Currents and Tidal

Surface Currents Coupled With Tidal Forecast

Our in-house tidal current velocity model is merged with the global tide data, resulting in high-accurate information on both tides and large-scale ocean circulation. 

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Ship to Shore Route and Data Exchange

Combined with our Fleet Decision Support System (FleetDSS), BVS sets up a valuable communication protocol between a vessel and the shore-based manager, allowing for the display of current route track as well as the route planned in BVS.

Routes and position reports are displayed in our shore-based FleetDSS. Masters can receive and import our recommended track directly into BVS.

Special BVS Applications:

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