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The Nordic Power Market to 2050

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Are you interested in the future of renewable energy and how it will impact the Nordic power market? Our free Nordic Power Market report provides valuable insights into the current state of the market, including trends, challenges, and opportunities.

In the Nordic region, the power balance has strengthened quickly due to decreasing consumption and investments in new renewable power production. This has led to a record-high Nordic production surplus of 54 TWh this year, with some price areas now saturated with new production.

The report also covers the future of hydrogen as an essential technology for achieving deep decarbonization in the Nordic industry. It explores the different strategies for hydrogen production, including flexible and flat production, and how green hydrogen produced using a flexible production strategy is the most competitive production method in the long run.

Furthermore, the report discusses technologies that offer flexible generation of power, such as grid-scale battery energy storage, power-to-power generation, and hydrogen-fired gas generation. The profitability of flexible generation largely depends on the amount of renewable energy on the grid, and the report predicts an equilibrium between renewables and flexible generation and storage.

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Nena Analysis has an established track record of conducting comprehensive short-, mid-, and long-term analysis since 1997. Biannual Nordic Renewables reports provide an outlook on the development of renewable energy costs, potential, and expected investments in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and the Baltics until 2050.

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