The complete, one-stop solution to optimize time, fuel and vessel performance while ensuring navigational and environmental compliance.

s-Suite is an innovative software and services suite for shipping customers. s-Suite includes Voyage Planning, Onboard Route Optimization, Route Advisory Services and Fleet Performance Management, now combined onto a complete, one-stop solution, and offered by one company.

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The s-Planner onboard integrates route optimization and weather insights with up-to-date electronic navigational charts to streamline your passage planning workflow.

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s-Insight gives you the tools to manage the commercial, technical and environmental performance of your entire fleet.

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Our seasoned route analysts use StormGeo's state-of-the-art technology to advise, and guide you through, the safest most cost-effective route.

Key benefits

A single solution offered by one company

s-Suite delivers an all-in-one, optimized workflow where ship and shore have a common operational picture.

Hardware independent

s-Suite is hardware independent and works with all major third-party solutions.

Flexible modules

s-Suite solutions can be used together or as individual modules.


We are committed to ocean sustainability

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Emissions saved with StormGeo's s-Routing

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