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Quickly select, buy, update and renew the electronic navigational charts you need. Optimize your route for least cost, required arrival time or least time. StormGeo is an authorised distributor of ADMIRALTY Maritime Data Solutions.

Key benefits

Instant access to required ENCs

Select, order and renew necessary ENCs for the voyage ahead and export the route onto an ECDIS exchange set.

Automatic updates

ENCs are automatically updated, reducing the risk of deficiencies at port control.

Best in class weather forecast

The Master's choice of weather display built from market leading BVS. Simple yet fully customizable weather data delivery.

StormGeo Admiralty Distributor v3

StormGeo is an authorised distributor of ADMIRALTY Maritime Data Solutions.

Details & Specifications

One workflow, one tool.

  • Plan your route or import routes from any ECDIS 
  • Check and monitor weather conditions 
  • Optimize the route by least cost, required arrival time or least time en route 
  • Select, order and update required ENCs 
  • Export your licensed ENCs and planned route to your ECDIS 
  • Display information about piracy, ECA zones, PSSA and NavArea warnings 
  • Obtain ports information
Ready Reliable decision making

Reliable decision-making in the cloud 

s-Planner | Charts uses machine learning to combine route information based on optimum voyages used by mariners and compliant navigational chart data and digital publications. Advanced calculations use data from millions of voyages to suggest the most reliable routes.  
Automatic updates to chart data ensure your global fleet remains compliant. You’ll get notifications when your new permits and ENC updates are ready. 

built with user in mind

Built with the user in mind

You can use piracy information to make better decisions. NavArea warnings, MARPOL environmental data, port information and more are all available. Visualize the data along with the route plan at the click of a button. 
If you know how simple it is to use Google Maps or sat nav, you’ll find s-Planner | Charts incredibly easy to use. 

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