The s-Planner onboard integrates route optimization and weather insights with up-to-date electronic navigational charts to streamline your passage planning workflow.

By allowing ship and shore to see the same accurate route, ocean and weather data, s-Planner makes it easy for you to collaborate on a safe, fuel efficient and compliant passage.

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StormGeo Admiralty Distributor v3

StormGeo is an authorised distributor of ADMIRALTY Maritime Data Solutions.

Key benefits

Ship-to-shore transparency

Combined with s-Insight, s-Planner sets up a valuable communication protocol between a vessel and shore, allowing for the display of current route track and weather information.

BVS integration

The functionalities from BVS are now part of s-Planner, ensuring safety of crew, vessel and cargo.

Fully digitized charts and publications

Select, buy, update and renew your ENCs and digital publications online with ease.

Product range
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s-Planner | BVS

Optimize routes, monitor weather conditions and plan for navigation.

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s-Planner | Charts

Quickly select, buy, update and renew the electronic navigational charts you need. Optimize your route for least cost, required arrival time or least time. StormGeo is an authorised distributor of ADMIRALTY Maritime Data Solutions.

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s-Planner | Publications

Get immediate access both on board and on shore to an up-to-date library. Eliminate physical publication shipments and upload and share documents with a vessel or your entire fleet. StormGeo is an authorised distributor of ADMIRALTY Maritime Data Solutions.

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