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Monitor the environmental impact on emissions, improve the environmental performance and keep the fleet compliant with regulations and initiatives like EU MRV, UK MRV, IMO DCS, CII, Sea Cargo Charter, ESI, CSI and CCWG through simple, trustworthy data reporting and validation.

Plus manage garbage disposal, ballast water and other environmental hazards.

CO2 reporting IMO DCS v2
Key benefits

Keep the fleet compliant

Implement best practices for environmental compliance while reducing your carbon footprint and increasing corporate savings.

Automated data flows to verification bodies

s-Insight integrates with all third-party systems, providing secure communication and standardized data exchange to verification bodies.

Expert support from Fleet Performance Center

Our world-renowned customer support team means you can be assured of accurate data validation, analysis and emission-saving recommendations - no matter the size of your undertaking.

Details & Specifications


StormGeo Regulatory Emission Report

Regulatory Emission Reporting

Create monitoring plans and annual emission reports for EU/UK MRV and IMO DCS. The data can be exported in various formats, e.g. Thetis. The data is validated with errors and warnings highlighted.

Together with s-Insight | Log, CCWG, ESI and CSI reports can also be automatically produced. 

StormGeo Emission Indicators

Emission Indicators

Allowing the user to aggregate and monitor environmental performance indicators, such as CO2, SOx, NOx, CH4, N20, CO, N20 PM10 and - if applicable – their intensities. All displayed parameters and the underlying data can be exported.


StormGeo Sea Cargo Charter

Emission Reporting for Sea Cargo Charter

The Sea Cargo Charter (SCC) initiative establishes a framework for assessing and disclosing the climate alignment of bulk ship chartering activities around the globe.

It sets a benchmark for what it means to be a responsible charterer in the maritime sector and provides actionable guidance on how to achieve this.

The SCC is aligned with the Poseidon Principles and is consistent with the policies and ambitions of the IMO.

CII Dashboard Specs

Carbon Intensity Indicator Dashboard 

Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) is a mandatory measure by International Maritime Organization (IMO) taking effect from 2023 onwards. CII Dashboard provides a reliable overview of the status quo and profound guidance for action items to improve operational performance.

Click this link for more information about CII Dashboard

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The complete, one-stop solution to optimize time, fuel and vessel performance while ensuring navigational and environmental compliance. 

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