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Prepare for and minimize the effects of weather

Prepare for and minimize the effects of weather

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We Work with You

Our approach is first to understand your nearshore operations and your particular needs so as to better communicate how and when work can be performed within the given weather and ocean conditions.

We Know the Local Conditions

StormGeo has several forecasting offices spread around the world. Each is dedicated to serving regions where our weather experts have long experience in understanding what drives the local meteorology. We support our forecasting with the best available weather and ocean models, and we can run high-resolution models to solve challenging local conditions in the atmosphere and ocean.

Integration of Your Assets

We will monitor how your assets are affected by various weather conditions. For example, we can tell you how your vessel responds to the weather, making it possible for us to provide you with inshore response forecasting.

Details and Specifications

Adverse weather events – such as large waves and swells, high winds, and flooding – can bring coastal engineering project schedules to a screeching halt, injure workers, and damage or destroy expensive assets and equipment, resulting in critical financial losses.

StormGeo can use historical and climatological parameters to provide a report on completed work if a project’s efficiency is ever called to question; furthermore, these data points can also be used for future project bidding, planning, and engineering.

In addition, near-shore engineering projects are prone to intense tropical storms that can have catastrophic effects on projects, even shutting them down completely.

Partnering with StormGeo allows coastal engineering companies to work smarter, more efficiently, and more cost-effectively through reduced project interruptions and downtime, better hurricane forecasting, and advanced reporting and analysis.