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Onshore Wind Energy

Forecasting and risk management

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key benefits

Ensure safety

Meet requirements and make certain your workers are safe at all times.

Increase operational efficiency

Schedule your daily operations to maximize your crew availability.

Optimize financial performance

Plan maintenance or other activities at the best time possible so as to minimize the time they take and thus your loss.

Better Decisions & Planning Throughout Wind Power's Value Chain

What is the likelihood that there will be favorable or unfavorable weather windows for your activities? Wind farm owners, operators, construction companies and even traders depend on good and reliable weather insight. StormGeo provides solutions and tools that support the entire project phase.

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Our services for Onshore Wind Power include:

Maintenance Forecasting

StormGeo has built sophisticated probabilistic weather window forecasting tools that can identify the optimum weather conditions to schedule maintenance. Features include:

  • Precision Meteorologist tuned hourly forecasting for up to 360 hours and updated hourly
  • Probability tools to communicate confidence levels
  • Proprietary Thunderstorm Severity Index (TSI) and Advanced Lightning Modeling (ALM) to ensure that you are never surprised by severe weather that puts crews and budgets at risk

Real-time Damage Assessment

StormGeo offers a sophisticated geographic information system (GIS) and a hosted Big Map solution. Simply log into our weather portal and quickly get a good understanding of weather impacts for each of your assets. Identify the weather impact of hail, lightning, tornados and damaging wind on your wind turbines. Zoom in to see the specific turbine that needs to be checked, no need to examine them all.

Historical Functioning / Hindcast

Play history backwards and identify correlations that can benefit your business. You can, for example, review a storm’s progression to see if you have missed an incident that means a damage or warranty claim can be filed.

Probabilistic Project Weather Windows

Manage your project risk with the ultimate scheduling tool. Define the Go/No-Go weather criteria and the scheduling date range to determine the period with the lowest risk probability of exceeding project thresholds.

Long-range Bias Forecasts

Whether planning a hub replacement or simply trying to estimate next quarter’s wind production revenues for investors, StormGeo’s proprietary long-range wind farm wind bias forecasts are based on a proprietary algorithm that uses a combination of public and StormGeo proprietary global teleconnection indices together with the historical production data for each wind farm. If an entire wind farm is going to be above or below climatological norms can be forecasted for a time period of up to six months in advance on a monthly basis. Our data is unsurpassed based on verification over the last two years for wind farms around the world.

Other forecasting and risk management services

  • Power Production Forecasting
  • Transmission Constraint Curtailment Hedging Forecasts
  • Crane & Helo Operations Forecasting
  • Forecasting – wind indices
  • O&M forecasting based on probability of project weather parameters being met
  • Warnings of lightning and adverse weather conditions coupled with a crew safety GPS follow me alerting system
  • Wind resource assessment reports
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Wind Power Forecasting

We use the latest forecasting technology to help you to accurately calculate production.

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