StormGeo BVS Tropical Cyclone Probablity edited
The most trusted onboard route optimization and weather monitoring system worldwide

BonVoyage System (BVS)

Webinar: How to use the enhanced features in BVS 8 to improve communication between ship and shore

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01:58 - Introduction to StormGeo
03:03 - StormGeo shipping solutions
07:39 - BVS basics
15:04 - BVS 8 capabilities
15:29 - Route tracks and route advisory
16:34 - Weather data and route configuration
17:26 - Port vicinity forecasts and insert via ports
20:06 - Tropical Storm Track - Ensemble probability
21:57 - BVS 8 and FleetDSS - Improve joint decision making

BVS 8 enhancements over versions 6 and 7

If you use an older version of BVS, find out how why BVS 8 has become one of our best-selling products ever.

See BVS 8 in action

Learn how one of our users set up smart data delivery through BVS for a voyage from Novorossiysk to Singapore.

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Webinar: 2020 Global Tropical Cyclone Preparedness for the Shipping Industry

Webinar agenda:

Session 1:
2020 Tropical Cyclone Outlook for the Shipping Industry

Session 2:
Marine Navigation: The Science of Route Analysis

Session 3:
The Synergy between Ship Routing and Practical Tools