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November 15 - 16, 2022

Ship Navigation and Voyage Optimization Conference

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Ship Navigation and Voyage Optimization Conference


Crowne Plaza Athens


November 1516, 2022

Join StormGeo presenting "Harnessing weather data for CII compliance"

Meet StormGeo during two days of the Ship Navigation and Voyage Optimization Conference in Athens!

This year's conference will focus on the safety and environmental impacts of the vessels. StormGeo's Nikos Mazarakis will join the event to present our CII monitoring and management tools. Nikos will use real-life demonstrations to show how weather conditions, speed adjustments, and the ship's technical profile impact the environmental performance of the vessel. Nikos will also reveal StormGeo's findings on what the crew can do to improve the CII ratings of their fleet.


About the event

Statistically, every year, more than 5,000 shipping containers are lost overboard, not to mention ships being damaged, crews injured, and lives lost. That makes safe navigation and optimized ship routes essential for ship and crew safety. But efficient ship routes and navigation are not only crucial for safety, it benefits fuel and time which helps owners to meet financial and environmental targets. Our mission is to identify cost-effective solutions to enhance ship safety and efficiency while protecting the environment. Happy to welcome you to two days of discussions.

Meet StormGeo's Expert
Dr. Nikos Mazarakis Dr. Nikos Mazarakis

Dr. Nikos Mazarakis

Solution Sales Specialist, Euro-South

Where: Crowne Plaza Athens

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Stormgeo key speakers
Nikos Mazarakis
Nikos Mazarakis

Dr. Nikos Mazarakis is a Professor of Marine Meteorology. He studied Physics and Meteorology at the University of Athens and Patras, and is an associated researcher at the Institute for Environmental Research and Sustainable Development of the National Observatory of Athens.

Dr. Mazarakis is also an instructor of Modern Marine Meteorology Seminars and was a trainer at the Academy of Merchant Marine Officers (Piraeus) for more than six years.

He has held long-term cooperations with various media (TV, radio and newspapers) as a meteorologist. His experience in teaching marine meteorology extends to more than 5,000 hours. Today, Dr. Mazarakis is part of the StormGeo team in Athens as technical support and client relations.