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Digital Books and Publications

Digital Books and Publications


Makes all the publications you need available via instant download

Key Benefits

Digital publications library

The full range of maritime publications needed on a vessel, available digitally. Download what you need, when you need it – including important updates – to remain fully compliant.

Eliminate shipping fees

Downloadable publications, available instantly. Eliminates freight costs and the time and costs of getting publications to a vessel.

Comply with environmental requirements

Going digital can save tonnes of paper and several cubic metres of CO2 otherwise created by airfreight deliveries.

Details and Specifications

Our NaviPubs™ and Publications service makes all the publications you need available via instant download. They can be stored and viewed on a tablet on the bridge, and help you meet SOLAS requirements for compliance.

  • Eliminate freight costs
  • Available instantly
  • Download only what you need

Reduce purchase costs

The days of dusty, out of date publications on the bridge are over. With NaviPubs and Publications, you can download only the publications you need, saving costs as well as space.

There is no need to replace a physical book when it is updated. You simply download the update. Since publications are available on subscription, you only pay for what you need.

For maximum functionality, use our NaviTab™ tablet.

For maximum functionality, check our Books & Publications eReader