Transfer of Routes to ECDIS

Transfer of Routes to ECDIS


Connects the NaviPlanner BVS securely to the ECDIS for transfer of routes and charts

Key benefits

Simplify bridge procedures with automatic updates

NaviUpdate removes the need to manually download ENC updates and physically transfer them to the ECDIS. The process with NaviUpdate is automatic.

Reduce security threats

Enhance cyber security by removing the use of a USB stick to transfer updates to ECDIS. NaviUpdate will also transfer optimized routes to ECDIS created using NaviPlanner BVS.

Updates any ECDIS automatically

NaviUpdate is revolutionary as it is non type-specific, meaning that it will work with any existing ECDIS and any communication channel.

Details and Specifications


NaviUpdate™ simplifies bridge procedures, ensures compliance, reduces security threats, minimizes data costs and works with existing bridge systems and communication methods.



  • All ENCs updated, automatically - ALWAYS
  • Works with any ECDIS
  • Works with any communication channel
  • Secure data transfer without the need for USB sticks. This removes the high security risk of virus infection via files on the USB
  • Harmonizes with NaviPlanner BVS
  • NaviUpdate is supplied without up-front hardware costs on a fixed monthly fee.

Flexibility for every vessel

NaviUpdate works with any ECDIS and is completely non type-specific.

It also works with any communication channel, using the existing data communication on the vessel. It can be configured to download updates when most cost effective via VSAT, Fleet Broadband, GSM or other connection.