On Demand: Climate Impacts Summit

Climate Impacts Summit On Demand

Are your mission-critical operations prepared to withstand the changing hurricane impacts brought on by a changing climate? Climate impacts are no longer a concern that is 30 years in the future. Hurricanes are already causing more damage and impacts through flooding and rapid intensification. How businesses strategically and tactically prepare for severe weather has become a fundamental requirement for their success.

The Climate Impacts Summit features:

  • Sessions by leading climate scientists and hurricane experts, Dr. Kerry Emanuel, MIT and Dr. Phil Klotzbach, CSU
  • Business leaders discussion panel with:
    • Jay Blessing, Disaster Recovery Manager at T-Mobile
    • Louie Dabdoub, VP Incident Response at Entergy
    • Beverly Schulz, VP Business Continuity and Crisis Management at Raymond James


Access the Climate Impact Summit On Demand. Together we will examine the science of hurricanes and discuss how businesses can better adapt to withstand future hurricane impacts.


If you do not see a registration form to the right, please contact lindsey.falconer@stormgeo.com to access the event. You may also try a different web browser to see if that helps.

Watch the Summit On Demand

StormGeo empowers businesses worldwide to safeguard the future amid a changing climate by delivering weather intelligence and advanced analytics that drives crucial decision-making. Our Climate Impacts Summit gives you access to critical research into the influences of climate variability on tropical cyclone development, expert interviews, and panel discussions with crisis and incident response managers.

Featured Scientific Sessions:

  • Discussing the flawed basis of current hurricane risk modeling and the increase in hurricane-induced rainfall events
  • Recent research includes an analysis of global cyclone activity since 1990 and what the trends mean for future impacts and damages
Featured Climate Scientists and Hurricane Experts
kerry emanuel 170

Dr. Kerry Emanuel
Professor of Atmospheric Science
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

klotzbach 170

Dr. Phil Klotzbach
Research Scientist, Department of Atmospheric Science
Colorado State University

Business Leader Panel:

Discuss the steps their organizations are taking to strategically prepare for changing hurricane threats, including:

  • Impacts and damages from rapid intensification, flooding and winds - how to take actions with limited information and uncertainty
  • What businesses are doing now to prepare for changes in tropical storms due to climate change and how they're preparing for the future
  • Planning for more intense future events without getting caught up in a "failure of imagination"
Featured Business Leaders Panel
Jay Blessing 178 with logo

Jay Blessing

Disaster Recovery Manager

Louie Dabdoub 170 with logo

Louis Dabdoub, CPP

Vice President, Incident Response

beverly schulz 170 with logo

Beverly Schulz, CBCP

Vice President, Business Continuity and Crisis Management