Fleet Performance Center

Fleet Performance Center

Fleet Performance Center

Alert and Report Services

Comprehensive and customizable fleet monitoring services along the voyage

key benefits

Receive Regular Alerts

Receive active alerts throughout the voyage on key levers for fuel-efficiency

Safeguard Data Quality to Comply With Environmental Regulations

Enhance vessel efficiency and help you comply with environmental regulations

Strengthen Cooperation Between Ship and Shore

Improve joint decision making by providing alerts to multiple stakeholders on data quality and performance levers

Details and Specifications

Our fleet performance centres in Hamburg and Singapore put experienced nautical and technical staff “in the loop”. A specifically developed monitoring system checks all incoming data and the fleet performance teams advise you on performance optimizations daily, monthly and ad hoc, e.g. when a claims case comes up or a vessel is heavily underperforming.

Alert Services

Daily alerting of main performance driver, compliance and data quality issues. All alerts are customized, validated and commented by StormGeo's team before sent to the vessel.

Voyage execution

  • Speed management (ETA, Speed Order)
  • Speed/RPM variation
  • Charter Party compliance (Speed, Fuel Oil Consumption, Weather)
  • Hidden off-hire times

Hull and Propeller

  • Trim adherence
  • Hull/Propeller fouling

Engine and System

  • Redundant auxiliary engine operation
  • Redundant boiler usage
  • Auxiliary engine charter party consumption compliance
  • Cylinder oil consumption (2-stroke)


  • Sounding corrections (frequency and quantity)
  • Remaining Onboard Bunker
  • Sludge disposal


  • EU-MRV / IMO-DCS compliance
  • Disposal (waste, bilge, etc.…)

Data Quality

  • Reporting completeness
  • Reported vs. AIS speed/position
  • Reported vs. satellite weather
  • Work-Consumption plausibility
  • Cargo reporting
  • Reporting event logic

Report Services

  • Monthly or quarterly performance report for the whole fleet and individual vessels
  • Ship specific KPI’s displayed as traffic light
  • Performance Manager review with advice for next actions

WEBINAR - Hull & Propeller Performance Management

In this webinar, Petter Andersen walks us through the benefits of monitoring hull and propeller performance and presents a real case of a gas tanker potentially saving 300 MT of fuel with this method.