NaviPlanner BVS2

Route Planning and Optimization

Route Planning and Optimization

NaviPlanner BVS

Ensure safety of crew, vessel and cargo, save time, fuel and reduce your environmental footprint

Key Benefits

Plan an Optimum Route

Choose from the suggested routes based on AIS tracks and optimize them for least cost, required arrival time or least time, as well as setting environmental constraints. Instantly access any required ENCs using flexible payment plans. 

Best in Class Weather Forecast

The Master's choice of weather display built from market leading BVS. Simple yet fully customizable weather data delivery.

Produce a Compliant Voyage Plan

NaviPlanner BVS™ outputs a PDF of a complete voyage plan. It uses a traffic light system to show information you may need to input. Get green lights and you can export the plan or print it for inspection.

Details and Specifications

NaviPlanner BVS™ is the perfect tool for bridge officers to plan, optimize and review route options in seconds. Intuitive and easy to use, it allows you to create a fully compliant voyage plan in a fraction of the usual time. The market-leading BVS module provides you with user-friendly route optimization, voyage planning and reliable weather forecast.

One workflow, one tool

  • Import routes from any ECDIS
  • Monitor weather conditions
  • Optimize the route by least cost, required arrival time or least time en route
  • Check for intersecting ENCs, order new ones or update as required
  • Transfer your optimized route instantly to the ECDIS via NaviUpdate, without the need for USB drives
  • Create a fully compliant voyage plan
  • Obtain ports information
  • Generate a Voyage Report
ENC Selection Front Page NaviPlanner BVS

Reliable decision-making in the cloud

NaviPlanner BVS™ combines machine learning – route information based on the optimum voyages used by mariners – and compliant navigational chart data and digital publications. In summary, advanced computations use data from millions of sailed voyages that is held in the Azure cloud to suggest the most reliable, tested routes.

Seamless updates to chart data ensure your global fleet remains compliant. You’ll get notifications of when your new permits and ENC updates are ready.

NaviPlanner BVS ECA Zones

Built with the user in mind

You can make better decisions with piracy information, NavArea warnings, MARPOL environmental data, port information and more. See them visually on the route plan at the click of a button.

If you know how simple it is to use Google Maps or sat nav, you’ll find NaviPlanner BVS™ incredibly easy to use. It works with Windows 7 or above – and it is fully touchscreen compatible.

Integrated Innovation. Delivered

The only single-source solution spanning voyage planning, route optimization, fleet performance management and weather routing services.

  • Customizable - all modules can be used separately, although they perform best together
  • Compatible - the modules work with most third-party solutions
  • Automatic - digital applications are automatically updated
  • Secure - data is safely transmitted and stored onshore
  • Reliable - 24/7 route advice and C/P performance resolution support
  • Transparent and compliant - onboard products are connected to shore-based management for fleet compliance and analysis
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