• StormGeo Integrates Electronic Logbook into Its One-Stop-Shop s-Suite Solution to Empower the Crew and Minimize Reporting Burden

StormGeo Integrates Electronic Logbook into Its One-Stop-Shop s-Suite Solution to Empower the Crew and Minimize Reporting Burden

06 June 2023,

StormGeo, a leading provider of weather intelligence and decision-support solutions, in partnership with Anschütz, a leading manufacturer of navigation and bridge systems, announces the integration of Anschütz’s electronic logbook with StormGeo’s one-stop-shop shipping solution, s-Suite.

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The aim of this integration is to support ship operators, managers, and owners in staying compliant, reducing manual work, and maintaining a more accurate and precise logbook. The data will move from the official electronic logbook to s-Insight | Log, a part of StormGeo’s s-Suite, creating one user-friendly system for ship-to-shore communication and fleet performance analysis, that complies with EU-MRV regulations.   

"The electronic logbook, together with s-Insight | Log, creates a new optimized workflow for the ship crew, providing reliable data that helps them stay compliant and minimize reporting burden", said Espen Martinsen, Executive Vice President Sales at StormGeo.

The new integration will suggest actions for users, enabling smarter decision-making and saving time on operations by avoiding duplicate work. It ensures accurate and reliable data for reporting, analysis, and auditing purposes.

“Even though digitalization is a buzzword in the shipping industry, many vessels still use paper logbooks. Paper logbooks commonly come with issues such as manual entry errors, illegible handwriting, and misplaced logs. Adopting the electronic logbook reduces these errors by providing structured data entry fields, validation checks, and data consistency measures”, said Volker Wenzel, Technical Marketing Manager at Anschütz.

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